Spring Shares

spring shareSpring Shares 2017

Spring Shares are just about over for the season! If you missed it- join us next year! They begin in mid-March

We usually take memberships starting in late January for the 60 Spring Shares we have available. Sign up for the farm newsletter to find out when they’re available. They typically sell out in 2 weeks.  Spring shares aren’t any where near as abundant as summer and fall shares as their isn’t as much coming in that time of year.  This season, besides greens, we anticipate handing out garlic, beets, turnips/rutabaga, and butternut squash that has been saved over from the fall.


Spring Share for 12 weeks=$200

Egg share for 12 weeks=$45

Egg share for 6 weeks (every other week)=$24

Maple Syrup (per quart ordered distributed first week only)=$16

Honey (per lb jar ordered distributed first week only)=$6

If you miss your pick up day, you risk the chance of your veggies freezing if the temps are much below freezing.  This is only a threat for the first couple of weeks of pick up.   You’re welcome to pick up anytime after your harvest day.  No need to let us know.  The sooner you pick up, the fresher your veggies will be.

If you are going away for a week, make someone smile. You can have a friend, neighbor or family member pick up the basket for you. If you don’t have someone who can pick up your basket, we’ll donate your basket to a family in need through the Fitzwilliam Nursing Association.  Let us know the donation date at farmers@traciesfarm.com at least a few days before you’re pick up date.

Every spring share member has 2 baskets.  You bring your first basket back with you when you pick up your 2nd basket, leaving it under the farm store shelf and continue like that through the season.  If you forget your basket, you end up with a bag of shame the next week.  To help us save time, bags and avoid receiving a bag of shame, please remember your baskets each week!  Thank you!  You’re also welcome to bring your own reusable bag each week to pick up your veggies and leave your bag under the farm store shelf.

Our spring shares are different from summer and fall shares as there isn’t nearly as much variety coming in.  The picture to the left is a heavier spring share week which begins in May.   Some weeks you’ll only be receiving 2-3 items.  Check out our anticipated harvest chart for more information on what’s typically included and scroll down to Spring shares. 

Spring shares must be paid in full by May 1st. For example: half in February and half by May 1st.

3 Payment Options:

  • You can place a check in the farm store lock box in the barn.
  • You can mail a check to:

Tracie’s Community Farm, LLC

72 Jaffrey Road

Fitzwilliam, NH 03447

(include your email address if you’d like confirmation of receipt of payment)

  • You can click the Pay Now button to pay for your share through your checking account – Minimum $50 payments please. If the name on your checking account is different from the name you signed up with please include the account to credit on your invoice.